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Psychological Services & Areas of Expertise


Getting stuck in your own head can impact work, relationships, and your happiness.

Relationship Issues

Learn how to connect deeply and intimately, and nurture your relationships.


Negative self-talk can lead to depression and anxiety.


Uncover what is truly causing you stress and learn to take things one step at a time.


Start to feel better and begin to love yourself and your life.

Work-Life Balance

Discover how to increase your happiness by prioritizing your values and yourself.

Women's Issues

A safe space to discuss the most intimate details and struggles.

Personal Growth

Are you feeling stuck? Reach your potential and overcome limitations.

Coping Skills

Develop healthy ways to thrive when life’s challenges arise.

Career Issues

Explore your path and work through road blocks.

Life Transitions

Gain support through difficult times in life.


Learn to live in the present moment, rather than the sadness of the past or worry of the future.


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